Alena Acker

About Alena

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and therefore recommend that you refrain from messing with me ; ). I can be seen on such shows as Investigation Discovery's Diabolical, Six Degrees of Murder and Redrum. Former company member of Gotham City Improv. I feel at home in front of a camera or on a stage and am especially passionate about work with improvisational and/or immersive elements.


  • Accents/Voices
  • Improvisation
  • Character Work
  • Interactive/Immersive Theatre
  • Fluent German
  • Figure Skating
  • Beat Boxing and Humming at the Same Time (really!)



"There are performers that fit molds that have already been created and there are performers who are truly bringing something new to the theatre scene. Alena Acker is one of these inventive and original performers. She skillfully weaves comic spontaneity with deep and truthful emotion. Her gifts allow her to excel in both comedic and serious roles. Watching Alena perform, it is easy to envision her originating roles and bringing challenging and exciting new projects to life. And, I personally hope and trust that her work will become increasingly well known in the coming years for being fresh, sincere, bold, and winningly offbeat. Her ability to be honest as an actress makes her easy to watch and hard to forget."

Justin Stoney
New York Vocal Coaching

“Alena is musically and theatrically versatile, flexible, imaginative, and complex.  She is responsible far beyond what is required of her.  Alena takes direction and adds to it her own unique insight, is giving to her cast and will be an asset to any production with which she is associated.”

Don Arrington

Director, Composer and Playwright

"Alena has an electric talent for stillness- her round, innocent eyes belie the torrents of emotion underneath."

Nancy Anderson

Broadway Actress (Sunset Boulevard, Wonderful Town, A Class Act, Kiss Me Kate)

When Alena first auditioned for me, I was captivated by her acting.  As a director, there is always a bit of risk when you work with an actor for the first time. But Alena is not a risk; she is phenomenal.  She is a great team member, brave, smart, and highly professional. She, along with the other actors, helped me to find my voice and vision for my experimental piece. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Handan Ozbilgin Bromley